Your budget determines what you can comfortably afford. We tailor and custom build your billboard program and website according to your needs and resources.

Billboards, etc. has a proven track record. We are a solid company built on solid ideals. You can count on us being here for you when you need us. We believe in attentive, courteous service and offering our products at a good value. We strive to stay abreast with the fast paced, ever changing world of advertising. The benefit you gain by choosing us is a healthier bottom line. We achieve that for you by applying our years of real world experiences in internet services and outdoor advertising. Repetitive business and loyal customers is the benchmark of good service, we pride ourselves in having an extensive list of loyal, repeat customers.

Our customers speak for themselves. Happy with results, they keep coming back. Our practical and specialized experience in our fields of expertise allows us to bring you a level of service and commitment not achievable by the big, all service advertising houses. We’ve seen the costly mistakes made by trying to apply what works in one medium of advertising to another. How many times have you spotted a billboard that is hard to read or understand, but applied in a magazine ad that same concept would work? That’s a prime example of cross medium concept application that occurs daily in the world of advertising because after all, it saves the advertising company money thus increasing their profit margin, but at Billboards, etc. we know better and work harder to guide you around these expensive pitfalls.

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